Sottotitoli 2007 - Astrópía (Astropia)

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Dorks & Damsels

Iceland, UK, Finland
93 min
1 win & 1 nomination.


When Hildur - a beautiful high society girl and a regular guest in the national celebrity press - finds out that her boyfriend Jolli is about to go into jail, she realizes she has to learn to stand on her own two feet. Hildur possessing no skills or any practical experience tries to find work but without success. She's about to give up when by pure coincidence she lands a job selling role playing books and accessories at the local fantasy-shop Astropia. From that moment her life transforms. At Astropia Hildur is introduced to a group of nerds who give her a new outlook on life. Among them are Dagur a translator of romantic fiction, Scat a rapper who makes his nerdlyness look cool, the comic and video clerks Floki and Pesi, the violent tomboy Beta and an eight year old whizkid Snorri. Gradually unlikely friendships are formed and Hildur enters the fantasy world of role playing where she struts around in a skimpy outfit slaying Orcs and Goblins and the world of adventure starts blending into her real life. Her old boyfriend Jolli, determined to get Hildur and his old lifestyle back, breaks out of jail and kidnaps Hildur. Hildur's ragtag group of friends are not about to let her go without a fight. In the end it really is up to Hildur and her newfound self-confidence and independence to break free from Jolli's shackles once and for all.

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