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La horde
53 min


Thirty-five years ago, the old dam burst, killing many in the village below. Madame Costa tells Victor's mother not to worry: the dead will someday get their revenge. In the present day Laure, Julie and Victor try to leave the village but find they are traveling in a loop traveling over the same road over and over again. They find Toni who is about to jump off the dam. Adele is frantic after her daughter is taken by Simon and Lucy. Many people have taken refuge with Pierre at the Helping Hand. Camille and Lena have reconciled but the horde of reanimated people Lena saw in the woods descend upon them. They offer to return Adele's daughter if the returned at the hostel join them. Victor, Madame Costa and Camille all agree but there is another who must agree to leave.

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