Sottotitoli The Following, Stagione 3 - Episodio 12

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The Edge
43 min


Daisy and Mark turn to Theo for help in getting away and offers the surveillance of Max's apartment in return. He agrees, but wants them to help him first in his dealings with Eliza, who has set up a trap for him. Theo traces the computer use to Tom Reyes and so Daisy and Mark pay him a visit - the dead FBI agent in his bathtub, Agent Sloan, is just a bonus for them. Once Theo again has access to the FBI mainframe, Mark wants one last thing from Tom - Mike Weston. Ryan and Max manage to get a lead on Penny through her drug dealer and when Ryan does catch up to her, he uses forceful interrogations techniques to learn Theo's location. For his part, Ryan is desperate to make up with Gwen but he's still drinking heavily and still seeing the imaginary Joe Carroll.

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