Sottotitoli 12 Monkeys, Stagione 3 - Episodio 1

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After months of searching in 2163, Cole finally finds Titan. Before he can attempt to rescue Railly, he is splintered away by a future version of himself. Future Cole tells present-day Cole only that he must abandon the search for Railly and look for Jennifer in the early 20th century. After present-day Cole splinters back to 2046, a future version of Railly appears and briefly speaks with future Cole about the path that present-day Cole must travel. In 1917, Jennifer has a vision of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--four members of the Army, carrying a mysterious box. In 2163, a pregnant Railly is in captivity, being cared for by Magdalena, a member of the Army whose task is to ensure she stays healthy to give birth to the Witness. Railly escapes with the help of a maid, Arianna, and leaps off a ledge, hoping to destroy herself and the Witness. However, Magdalena uses a miniature personal time machine to splinter back a short period in time and warn her past self of Railly's intentions, allowing her to kill Arianna and preempt Railly's suicide attempt. Several months later, Railly gives birth to the Witness.

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