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Episode #1.1
60 min


Fourteen years ago 23 year old Kevin Russell was imprisoned for killing school-girl Linda Simms. His girlfriend Annie believes his confession was forced from him by DI Olivia Greenwood and asks maverick lawyer Emma Banville to take up his case. Emma is also sheltering Miriam Attar, wife of Yusuf, a doctor working in Syria, which makes her a target for the security forces. From transcripts of the original interviews Emma believes Greenwood totally led the confused Kevin and with her young assistant Dominic finds anomalies at the crime scene but is harassed by Linda's family and the gutter press - which jeopardizes the chances of Emma and partner Steve adopting. Emma's appeal is partially successful, declaring the conviction unsafe and bailing Kevin for a retrial. This makes Emma enemies in high places on both sides of the Atlantic.

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