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Somewhere Over the Rainbow
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Suspecting Persie of passing on information to the Germans, Sir Hallam ends their affair and joins his wife in trying to sober up Pritchard, who soon afterwards goes missing. Rose tells Johnnie that the butler is a reformed alcoholic who is clearly ashamed of his lapse. Casper visits Lady Agnes to tell her he is returning to the States, by which time Sir Hallam is aware of Persie's treachery, just as Lady Agnes is of the affair. With nobody to support her, Persie kills herself before she can be arrested. Beryl and Harry get married, planning to emigrate to America, and Pritchard returns for the wedding. As war is declared, Pritchard becomes an air raid warden, Blanche joins the fire service, and Johnnie is called up. The Hollands agree to stay together in London, but Lady Agnes's trust in her husband is severely compromised.

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