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Such a Perfect Day
44 min


Erica is facing a lot of stress in her life. Sam is no longer talking to her and never wants to see her again. Marcus Stahl wants to renege on the book deal of writing his memoirs since he can't visit that dark place in his past. Because she feels her sessions with Dr. Tom have so far made her life worse than better, she wants to quit. However, Dr. Tom offers her a gift because of her stress: he will send her back to any day she wants where she was the cause of the day being perfect. She chooses a time as a teenager, taking a day trip to Toronto Island with Leo and Sam, to get away from their arguing parents who looked to be on the verge of divorce. One importance of this day is that, as Erica states, it is the last big 'hurrah' between the three of them before Leo died. She vows not to change a thing about that day. However, her thirty-two year old sensibilities may factor into what she now decides to do. And any small change to the day may alter how perfect it was in her memory.

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