Sottotitoli Being Erica, Stagione 3 - Episodio 2

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Moving on Up
45 min


It's been three weeks since Erica broke up with Ethan, yet whatever she does, she just can't stop thinking about him. Even though she initiated the break-up, she feels a double loss in that he was both her lover and best friend. She has to figure out how to move on without him. On the sexual front, she seems to be running into more men to whom she is attracted, some who look like Ethan. With some, she even contemplates having sex. And she runs into old boyfriend Ryan, with whom she thinks she can have a platonic relationship - the male friend part - now that she and Ethan are no longer together. The therapy group have their own opinions, despite Erica initially not believing she needs their help. She comes to the realization that she does need help to figure out if leaving Ethan was the right thing to do. Dr. Tom thinks there is one person in Erica's past who knows exactly what Erica is going through and may be able to help. Meanwhile, Samantha starts a new phase in her life, while Barb is at the end of one.

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