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Last Cigarette Ever
30 min


Although he vowed to Robin and Marshall that he would never tell them, Ted finally tells his kids that at one time both Robin and Marshall used to smoke. In 2009, they both felt like they had good reason to do so. Marshall, only an occasional smoker, always said that each cigarette was his last. But when his old boss, the meanest man nicknamed Artillery Arthur, became his new boss, he thought he was going to be fired - again. So when Marshall found out that Arthur was a smoker, Marshall used it as a bonding mechanism to keep his job. Robin, at the time anchoring the morning show, had just gotten a new co-anchor named Don Frank. Don was a career morning show host, moving from morning show to morning show across the country. Robin hated Don for what he represented: a person who had given up on his career, stating that they were on a nothing show that nobody watched. Deep down, Robin feared that he was right. So when she managed to get a scheduled on-air interview with then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he a staunch anti-smoker, she had just as good reason to quit. In telling these stories, Ted also lets slip the smoking histories of a few other people his kids know and love.

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