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In Place of Anger
60 min


At a corporate-funded boat-party he denounces, Matthew Heath Collins has too much to drink, drops his latest beverage over the side of the deck, and in attempting to retrieve it falls underwater and is cut by the propeller. His widow Catherine first contacts Fisher & Sons for a closed-casket funeral without bodily repairs, then chooses to switch to Kroehner's instead, forcing David and Nate to think of a way to set a cheap, but reasonable, price to convince her to switch back. Ruth's sister Sarah comes to visit upon receiving her message after years of feuding, angering Ruth once again at the memory of how her friend slept with Nate as a teenager and she did nothing to help with taking care of their grandmother. So she's not very supportive that Sarah informs Claire she's a natural artist. David continues dating Ben but doesn't feel anything for him - he chooses not to invite him to Nate and Brenda's engagement dinner with the family, Sarah, and Nikolai, where the dinner's conversations and divulged secrets make it difficult for Ruth to receive it well. When David and Nate are invited on a recreational Kroehner business trip where they again forcibly reject the offer, Rico gets into an argument with his family that he can't stick around to help them repair their mold-infested wall. Brenda goes beyond her normal interactions with clients to sleep with one. Just before her husband's funeral, Catherine Collins requests Nate to show her the body she asked not to be cleaned, and has an interesting reaction compared to her grief and despair earlier.

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