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The Plan
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Michael John Piper finally passes away, depressed and delirious, after a long battle with cancer, and his "psychic" widow sticks around Fisher & Sons to discuss his funeral arrangements with him. She also predicts that one of the brothers will have a child, and perplexedly tells Nate she doesn't sense Nathaniel - though only because the funeral home is crowded so not everyone can be sensed. Nate is also baffled by Brenda's so-called ebb in sexual activity, especially when learning even Rico, with a family of four, has an extremely strong pattern of one. He does get some good news, though - at his first funeral-directors' meeting he enthusiastically declares war on Kroehner's and is well-received by all present. Ruth begins attending The Plan seminar when Robbie invites her, and alternates between resisting their hate-the-world policy and taking a hard look at her actual family relationships, meaning she mostly insults her kids. Claire soon has more to worry about than cutting remarks, though, when she's questioned by and lies to the police about any knowledge of Gabe's store-robbery and theft of her, then later gets a phone call from him begging her to pick him up and take him somewhere safe...until he shoots an insulting driver and she's forced to desert him again. As she tries to tell Nate, he's distracted by bad news of his own - an apparently devoted independent funeral-director has sold. Later Keith, looking after Taylor in his sister's absence and trying to convince his mother to handle the situation more effectively, is forced to come in to help.

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