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Out, Out, Brief Candle
60 min


A football player collapses of dehydration during a practice session, but doesn't die...but his fellow player and best friend Joshua Peter Lagmead is ignored as he falls a moment later. Nate and Brenda prepare to make her high-school boyfriend Trevor envious when he visits for dinner with his own family, but in between trying to succeed, Nate is plagued with visions of Josh weeping, afraid of what will happen to him in death, and does his best to ignore his presence. Robbie graduates from The Plan, and invites Ruth to be his witness, and she's intrigued by the positive outcome and free-spiritedness seen in all its graduates so considers enrolling. David tries to keep contact with Keith as a friend, and when he tags by Keith's sister Karla's houses so he can give his niece Taylor a birthday gift, Taylor becomes intrigued on their relationship, while Keith is angry with his relapsing drug-addict sister for neglecting Taylor. Claire learns that Gabe stole embalming fluid from the Fishers to create a more powerful drug substance, though doesn't reveal it to an investigating cop...before learning he robbed the store, causing her to refuse to help anymore. Rico requests a $20,000-loan for his family's first house, and is disgusted both when he's forgotten to the offer of a modern casket-display wall, and when his sister-in-law Angelica gives one. Nate and David are even more disgusted, though, to learn there was a string attached when they bought the wall.

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