Sottotitoli I Soprano, Stagione 5 - Episodio 8

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Marco Polo
54 min


Carmela is planning a surprise 75th birthday party for her father. Carmela's snooty mother doesn't think it would be appropriate for Tony to attend but when her father hears of it - Uncle Junior gives away the surprise - he says he won't be there if Tony isn't. Tony is still waiting for Phil Leotardo to pay up from the sale of a racetrack and they have a run-in. At Johnny Sack's urging, Tony agrees to pay for the damage to Phil Leotardo's car. Phil is obviously going to be very fussy about the repairs however. Tony Blundetto is approached by some of Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.'s associate to make a hit on one of Johnny Sack's hookers. He declines but after deciding he's being traded badly, decides to take the job. There's more than one victim unfortunately.

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