Sottotitoli I Soprano, Stagione 6 - Episodio 7

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Luxury Lounge
55 min


Artie Bucco is having trouble with his restaurant. His sales are down 40% from the previous year and many of his regular customers have found a new Italian restaurant that is more to their liking. Thinks get worse when investigators from Amex arrive to tell him that credit card numbers are being stolen from the restaurant. When he learns that it's one of Christopher's crew who is involved, it leads to a fight and requires Tony's intervention. Tony blames the whole situation on Christopher who is off to Los Angeles with Carmine Lupertazzi Jr. to see if they can interest Ben Kingsley in starring in their movie. It's pretty apparent that he's not interested but Christopher doesn't get the signals. Christopher is amazed at the swag stars receive and is almost desperate to some of his own. Lauren Bacall proves to the source, though not in a conventional way.

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