Sottotitoli I Soprano, Stagione 6 - Episodio 4

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The Fleshy Part of the Thigh
60 min


Tony has regained consciousness but is not yet feeling like himself. The owner of Barone sanitation has died and his son Jason wants to sell the company but Tony advises against it. The potential buyer is affiliated with Johnny Sack and Tony wants to make sure he gets the cut he thinks he deserves. Johnny Sack doesn't quite agree with the amounts requested. Tony makes it clear that Jason Barone is responsible for coming with the cash he expects. Paulie is shocked when his Aunt Dotty, a nun, tells him that she gave birth to him when she was a novitiate and that the woman he thought was his mother is actually his aunt. He feel that he's been lied to and somehow cheated of ever knowing his real mother. Bobby Baccala meanwhile enters into a strange pact with a rapper.

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