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End of Line


With his company's stock falling in price and unable to meet the contract to provide 100,000 Cylon robots in a month, Daniel Graystone has no choice but to sell his sports team to Tomas Vergis. With only a week to deliver the duplicated MCPs, he also decides to wipe the chip clean and mass produce a blank copy. Daniel's decision forces Zoe to reveal herself. Sister Clarice decides to face Barnabas and the internal challenge to her leadership of the STO head on. Barnabas isn't going to take it lying down and he comes through for Lacy but he expects her to perform a task for him. Amanda's mental condition continues to deteriorate. Sam is concerned about Joseph's apparent addiction to the v-world. Emmanuelle confronts Tamara in an effort to get her to help her father and her solution is quite drastic.

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