Sottotitoli X-Files, Stagione 4 - Episodio 10

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Paper Hearts
60 min


A particularly vivid dream leads Mulder to the burial site of a young girl who had been kidnapped and murdered years before. Mulder knows exactly who the murderer is, John Lee Roche whom Mulder an another FBI agent had arrested based in part on the psychological profile Mulder had prepared on him. Roche was convicted of 13 murders in all and Mulder always wondered if there might be more. The girl found as a result of his dream is number 14 and when they locate Roche's 'trophies' - hearts cuts out of the victims' clothing - they realize there are still two victims unaccounted for. The case takes an unexpected turn when Mulder's dreams suggests that Roche may have been involved in his sister Samantha's disappearance.

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