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That's My Girl
43 min


Now that the race is set between Mellie and Vargas, they both seek out a running mate. Olivia does some checking and comes up with some possible candidates and picks one. But they learn he has a skeleton in the closet and they try to make sure it doesn't come out. Cyrus goes to see Rosen and asks him to be Vargas' running mate but he's not sure if he wants to do it. But Elizabeth wants him to and tries to "convince" him. But someone goes to Vargas; Eli to offer both support and a running mate, Jake. And when Eli and Cyrus are alone he threatens him with what Cyrus did; have a man pull a gun on Vargas. Edison goes to see Olivia and give her Jake's message--to rescue him from Eli. Olivia doesn't know what to do. Fitz learns Olivia's secret.

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