Sottotitoli in Italiano per serie RV: Home Fires - S01E05

Scarica 2 sottotitoli in italiano per Episodio 5

Episode #1.5
60 min


Spencer is shunned as a coward by the villagers but explains his reasons for objection to a sympathetic Claire whilst Frances welcomes an evacuee, Isobel, a blind woman. Will discovers that the tonic Erica has given Pat contains lithium salts, which almost kills Simms, but after Erica has told her that she knows about the domestic abuse Pat makes an attempt to stand up to her vicious husband. Whilst Kate mourns her dead husband sister Laura embarks on an affair with married wing commander Richard Bowers, though his wife is suspicious. Thanks to Teresa Steph is able to save her farm but Teresa is heart-broken to learn that Connie has died and confesses the relationship to Alison, who is understanding. The village is subject to its first air raid, giving Frances the opportunity to test out the shelter underneath her house and save lives.

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