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Mr. Paris Shoes
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Cornelia worries that no one at the hospital takes her seriously but her father assures her she's up to the task. She learns that close friends have been admitted to the hospital with typhoid. Dr. Edwards is living in a rundown hotel but his office is no better - they've put him in the hospital basement. He learns that the hospital does not treat blacks but he tracks down a patient who was refused and treats her. Thackery operates on a man with an aortic aneurysm and turns down an offer of assistance from Edwards who learned a new surgical technique in Europe. The electrification of the hotel is complete but substandard work leads to the death of a nurse. Thackery and Cornelia want to sue the contractor but hospital administrator Herman Barrow wants to have a chat with the him before they take that step. Barrow obviously has his own worries.

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