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Start Calling Me Dad
54 min


Having lost yet another patient while performing a Cesarean section, Thackery develops a completely new method to reduce the bleeding and invites Bertie Chickering to help him experiment. Their new method works quite well. The Gallinger's baby is in hospital but declining rapidly. At the funeral, Mrs. Gallinger refuses to accept her daughter's death. Cornelia and Speight are making progress in tracking down the source of the typhoid outbreak and focus on Mary Mallon who made peach Melba for all those who fell sick. Barrow tries out a second hand x-ray machine and buys it for less than a new one, pocketing the difference. Working late one night, Thackery stumbles across Dr. Edwards' nighttime clinic and surgery. His initial outrage is soothed after he sees Edwards' suction pump and the new method for hernia operations. Alone at home in her bedroom, Cornelia is visited by her future father-in-law Hobart Showalter who makes clear what he expects from her after she marries his son.

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