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Working Late a Lot
52 min


Thackery's affair with Nurse Lucy Elkins continues. Bertie continues to pursue her. There is a shortage of cocaine due to the war in the Philippines and attacks on shipping. It has a detrimental effect of Thackery who goes into withdrawal. Fortunately, Lucy has a small supply but it's insufficient to his needs. Edwards and Cornelia continue their affair as well. 'Typhoid' Mary Mallon petitions the courts to set her free. The judge isn't convinced that a person can be asymptomatic and pass on the disease and so releases her. She's soon looking for a new job as a cook. Dr. Gallinger adopts a 6 month old baby girl from Sister Harriet's orphanage but his wife Eleanor says she is not sufficiently competent to care for another child. They keep the child but Eleanor simply ignores her. Dr. Levi Zinberg impresses at a medical meeting where he introduces a new device, the illuminating intrascope. The senior Dr. Chickering buttonholes Thackery asking him to release Bertie from service at the Knick.

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