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Where's the Dignity
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Dr. Edwards is finally invited into the surgical theater but Thackery makes it clear that he's only there to guide Dr. Gallinger through the procedure. Herman Barrow is making money any way he can including selling bodies. Cleary tells Sister Harriet they will be working together from now on and he will be finding her future clients. He'll also be keeping 60% of the proceeds. Cornelia accompanies the uncouth health inspector Jacob Speight as he begins his investigation into the recent cases of typhoid. Thackery has been avoiding his friend Abbie Alford even though her skin graft has taken hold. Dr. Edwards is invited to the Robertson home for a formal dinner and has the opportunity to see his parents, who are servants there. He also meets Cornelia's fiancé, Philip Showalter. Dr. Chickering's father continues to disapprove of his son's choice of hospital. thinking the Knick is beneath him.

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