Sottotitoli The Knick, Stagione 1 - Episodio 3

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The Busy Flea
55 min


An old friend of Thackery's, Abbie Alford, arrives at the hospital seeking his help. She has lost most of her nose as the result of syphilis, which she acquired from her now absent husband. Thackery agrees to perform a skin graft. Drs. Gallinger and Chickering try to learn the surgical process Edwards offered to show them but are unable to do so. Dr. Edwards is looking to open a treatment center in his basement office during night hours to treat black patients. He has to face the realities of what he can accomplish with limited resources however. Herman Barrow faces an ultimatum from his loan shark who seems to be quite ready to exact payment from him, one way or another. Ambulance driver Tom Cleary is surprised to see someone he knows enter a rundown tenement building. Other cases of typhoid fever begin to appear.

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