Sottotitoli 1978 - Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia

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Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia
85 min


Siberia 1953: Ilsa is now working in a Gulag prison camp. Her mission is to "retrain the minds" of those who don't agree with the Communists. But prisoner, Yakurin, is more difficult than the others. Ilsa is not one to give up, though. "We will break you", she promises. However, when Stalin dies, the camp closes down, Ilsa and the guards kill the prisoners and leave. But Yakurin survives. In 1977, Yakurin is the coach of the Soviet boxing team, and on a visit in Montreal, he lets the boxers visit a brothel. The owner of the brothel is Ilsa and her colleagues are from the Gulag camp. Ilsa sees Yakurin and wants a second chance to finish "breaking" him, and Yakurin wants to get revenge...

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