Sottotitoli Springfloden, Stagione 1 - Episodio 4

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Episode #1.4
44 min


Olivia continues to look for information about Jackie Berglund, but goes a little too far when she visits Jackie's store "Odd & Right." Jackie has already heard that a young woman has been digging around in her past, and she quickly realises that it is Olivia. Olivia's mother tries to tell Olivia to take it easy with her investigation into the Beach Case. She doesn't want to see Olivia become as obsessed as her father was. Tom Stilton slowly starts to get in shape for his hunt for the people who killed Vera. He contacts his former snitch, Minken, to help him find them. Minken's tips lead to Stockholm's shady underworld and Stilton comes dangerously close to Vera's killer. Linn Magnusson agrees to a secret meeting with her old business partner, Nils Wendt. She gets a cassette tape with a recording of an incriminating phone call. Nils says that he is looking for revenge for the past. Linn's entire life hangs in the balance...

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