Sottotitoli Springfloden, Stagione 1 - Episodio 10

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Episode #1.10
English, Swedish, Spanish
44 min


Mette gathers everyone at the police station. Stilton and Olivia are there as well. The puzzle pieces start to fall into place. They have identified the person who had the earring - the earring from the murdered woman's coat in Nordkoster. Now they are just waiting for a conclusive DNA analysis. They have also identified a new witness who was in Nordkoster. Mette calls in a new suspect for questioning. But how is the murder in Nordkoster connected to Nils Wendt's murder? And what was the motive? Stilton and Olivia come closer and closer to solving the Beach Case. But there is one thing about the case that Stilton has kept to himself, that he now feels he has to reveal - something that will have unimaginable consequences for Olivia.

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Springfloden S01E10