Sottotitoli 시크릿 가든, Stagione 1 - Episodio 8

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Episode #1.8
South Korea
60 min


The couples (Joo Won with Ra Im and Yeun-Sul with Oska) use flirtation and false declarations to attack their respective "partners" - with further complexities arising from not knowing Joo Won's personality resides within Ra Im's body, and visa versa. After retrieving Oska from the police station - where Ra Im (still inside Joo Won's body) and a revolted Oska accidentally kiss - the four wind up at a hotel owned by Yeun-Sul's family. Further interrelationship problems arise (several due to modesty issues between genders) before word comes that Oska's unreleased seventh album has been leaked to the public. Oksa storms out to deal with this outrage, conceiving of no other culprit than anti-fan Han Tae-Sun, whom he finds and drags before Dong-Kyu and Jong-Hun. Meanwhile, Joo Won's mom (Boon-Hong), hearing of her son and Ra Im being seen together about town, meets with Ra Im (Joo Won) to pay "her" to leave her son forever (with Joo Won subsequently discovering she's done this before with others he's known). Concurrently, Joo Won (Ra Im) has a run-in with a department store customer that lands "him" in jail. Disgusted, Ra Im (Joo Won) decides to let "him" rot there when a storm then arises that changes everything.

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