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On the morning before his big 4-0, Hector Sossidos awakens thinking about Connie; his wife is named Aisha. In the afternoon, Aisha is giving him a big party with family, his friends, her friends and the assorted children; Aisha has planned this party for months. Hector is Greek; Aisha is black; their two kids really resemble their mother. Hector is a civil servant and Aisha is a veterinarian; they have a bright, modern home and a good life. Connie is a young blonde who is Aisha's employee and also babysits the kids. The guests and friends at the party are an eclectic mix of races, cultures, political views and economic and success levels; this unleashes a powder keg. A game of cricket is organized for the kids, primarily to keep one of the kids out of the house and from destroying more of Hector's and his son, Adam's things. This five year old boy who is still breast feeding and goes into a psychotic rage every time he does not get his own way is up to bat. So, what could possibly go wrong? When all the guests have cleared, Hector thanks the Creator for the day, which, despite its uncomfortable moments, just stopped him from making the most unforgivable, life-altering mistake of his life.

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