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Anouk Rosen is Aisha's best friend, a hot redhead and successful single executive, head script writer for a popular soap; she is also writing a novel. Anouk brings her boyfriend, Rhys, to the party; he is a 23 year old soap star hottie. The Rosens are Ashkenazi (Hebrew) and Rachel, Anouk's mother, who is dying from breast cancer, has been reminding Anouk how cancer runs in their blood line since she was a little girl. Anouk holds down a responsible and high powered position but cannot let go of her adolescence. She was watching her best friend's husband, Hector, flirt and brush knees with the 17-year old blonde, Connie, when the big incident occurred. Anouk blames the abysmal parenting skills of Rosie and Gary Bryant for the incident; but she apologizes for feeling that way to Rosie and Aisha. When pressured to testify, Anouk says she does not want to be involved; she did not see the incident. Anouk loves Rosie like a little sister, but she has her own issues. Rhys wants to backpack across Europe with Anouk; but she learns she is pregnant. She quits on several relationships to follow her passion.

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