Sottotitoli Poldark, Stagione 2 - Episodio 12

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Episode #2.12
53 min


The duel takes place and Ross kills Adderley. As duels are illegal Warleggan is anxious to prove that Ross was involved so that he might be prosecuted,to the dismay of Elizabeth,who is pregnant again. Geoffrey visits and notes that Valentine looks just like Ross so Elizabeth asks her doctor to induce a premature birth,similar to Valentine's,to convince her husband that he fathered both children.Caroline attempts to persuade Demelza that Ross fought the duel out of love for her and,after Demelza has returned to Cornwall,wisely reasons with Ross that the duel took place because he was still smarting over Hugh. She assures him that Demelza is quite guileless. As Drake rebuilds his forge Morwenna comes to see him to apologize for her rudeness at their last meeting. However she turns down his marriage proposal,explaining that her bitter experience with Whitworth has put her off remarriage for good.

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