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Episode #1.12
49 min


Caroline admits that she sent Dwight the oranges and provides a second batch,which she is prepared to help him distribute. Dwight is impressed,both by her generosity and her frankness in declaring that she does not love Unwin,her intended.The pair of them witness one of Trencom's smuggling expeditions. As the villagers prepare to give Jud a funeral he comes back from the dead - he was only knocked unconscious,not killed,but he refuses to name his attackers,whom the Warleggans are anxious to get out of the county. With money from Pascoe,the rival bank to Warleggan,Ross and Francis legally draw up their business to reopen Wheal Grace. Later Ross meets George in a tavern and they end up brawling,with Ross getting the advantage.

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Poldark 1x12 [DVDrip] [Xvid-mp3] [Spanish-English] [Tusseries by Parker].srt