Sottotitoli Poldark, Stagione 2 - Episodio 10

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Episode #2.10
52 min


Dwight's daughter dies of an infection and Caroline leaves to spend a month in London. Warleggan throws a party to launch his political career and Ross sneaks in to see Elizabeth. He meets arrogant fellow M.P. Monk Adderley who nevertheless does not give him away to Warleggan. Whitworth continues to visit Rowella for paid sex but her husband Arthur finds out and challenges the vicar as he is riding home. His horse rears and he is dragged to his death. Drake,engaged to Mary Ann Tamblyn,goes to comfort Morwenna but she behaves strangely,saying that she is contaminated and sends him away. Mary Ann's drunken father in the meantime,told that the wedding is off,burns down Drake's forge.

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10 Poldark