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Episode #1.16
51 min


Guilt-ridden over the death,Ross prepares to close Wheal Grace and to pay off the men but discovers by chance that the mine is rich in tin and a potential money-spinner. Against Demelza's wishes one night he goes to talk Elizabeth out of marrying Warleggan but ends up in bed with her. To punish him Demelza allows him to believe for a time that she had a one night stand with Captain MacNeil,though she actually fought him off.Caroline,now resident in London after the doomed elopement,returns to Cornwall and learns that Dwight,not charged with smuggling and freed,has become a naval surgeon on the outbreak of war with France. They briefly meet in the banker's office where Ross discovers that Caroline was the anonymous donor who put up money to save him when he was facing ruin. Warleggan marries Elizabeth and,deaf to her pleas to leave Cornwall,ruthlessly encloses common land,depriving locals of their living. Fuelled by news of the French Revolution they burn Warleggan's house down. Ross saves his life - as a gesture to show Warleggan that he will be in eternal debt to a Poldark. He returns to be reconciled with Demelza and to reopen Wheal Grace.

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