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Episode #1.11
51 min


Ross sells all his interests in Wheal Leisure to the Warleggans in order to raise capital to establish Wheal Grace as a working mine,with Francis as his business partner. To tide himself over until the mine can function,he allows a man named Trencrom to pay him to use his beaches for smuggling. Demelza is nervous although the first trip goes smoothly. Dwight Enys receives an anonymous gift of twelve sacks of oranges to give to the poor. The men who paid Jud to give false evidence against Ross catch up with him and beat him so severely news spreads that he is dead. Nicholas is nervous,fearing things have gone too far but his son tells him not to worry.

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Poldark 1x11 [DVDrip] [Xvid-mp3] [Spanish-English] [Tusseries by Parker].srt