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Episode #1.2
50 min


A dejected Ross takes to the bottle until kindly cousin Verity,Charles' daughter,takes him to a ball in Truro,where she meets handsome sea captain Blamey to whom she is attracted. However the family discover that Blamey is a reformed alcoholic who went to prison for killing his wife whilst drunk and they bar Verity from seeing him. A sympathetic Ross allows the couple to meet secretly at his house but the meetings are discovered and Francis,accusing Ross of acting out of spite, challenges Blamey to a dual,the shock of which gives Charles a seizure. Ross employs young Jim Carter to help Jud but when the lad marries local girl Jinny he takes to poaching for extra cash. Ross also employs Demelza Carne,a tomboyish girl who becomes a maid helping Prudie,Verity believing she is falling in love with Ross. Ross launches his company to start up Wheal Leisure but ensures that the Warleggan bank is not putting any money up for it.

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Poldark 1x02 [DVDrip] [Xvid-mp3] [Spanish-English] [Tusseries by Parker].srt