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A Faraway Country About Which We Know Nothing
60 min


1938: Lady Maude has died and Pamela has come to live at Eaton Place, as has Blanche Mottershead, Maude's half-sister, an archaeologist, who came for the funeral and seems likely to stay indefinitely. Nursemaid Beryl is employed to help Lady Agnes with her new baby. The household prepares for another war in the wake of Chamberlain's seemingly futile talks with Hitler. Pritchard is in his element as an air raid warden, but falls foul of Great War widow Mrs Thackeray and Mr Amanjit when they learn from police sergeant Ashworth that the butler was a conscientious objector in that conflict. However, Lady Agnes calls on the staff to show a united front with the war coming. Hallam goes to Germany for last ditch talks and meets Persie, who has a German lover and no intention of returning home.

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