Sottotitoli Friday Night Lights, Stagione 4 - Episodio 8

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Toilet Bowl
43 min


When East Dillon and the only other winless team in the district face off, locals term it the "Toilet Bowl." This conflicts with Coach's and Buddy's attempts to get play-by-play coverage from a local radio station. Meanwhile, Julie & Mrs. Taylor visit her old alma mater. Landry tries to convince Jess that he's completely over Tryra and that they should date. Vince's mom invites Jess to dinner with her and her son. Tim Riggins helps Luke get pain meds following an injury on the ranch without letting Coach Taylor know. Riggins also discovers that his brother Billy has been running a chop shop operation on the side to make extra money and when Tim's more legitimate attempts at landing a job fall through he considers joining him.

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