Sottotitoli Privileged, Stagione 1 - Episodio 16

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All About Confessions
45 min


When Charlie announces that he will be leaving down to go back to college in San Diego, Megan's natural neurotic reaction is that she fears she will never see her best friend again. Then one evening during planning for a going away party for Charlie that his girlfriend, Mandy, planning, Charlie kisses Megan and expresses that he loves her which fills her with conflicting emotions, and fills Will with anger and jealousy. Meanwhile, Sage tells Louis that she happens to be a virgin, and gets a surprise when he tells her the same about him, and in an attempt to understand her better, invites her to his church. Also, Rose confides in Zack that she is not a virgin, and he reveals the same about him... and a twist comes when Rose gets a visit from Elyse, the daughter of Miles Franklin where she confides the secret that Miles is her late mother's natural father.

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