Sottotitoli Privileged, Stagione 1 - Episodio 3

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All About What You Really, Really Want


On the first day back at Rose and Sage's prep high school, the school headmaster, Jacob Cassidy, tells Rose that she will have to repeat her freshman year because of her bad grades. Megan, aware that Laurel will take the bad news out on her, sets up a special meeting with Mr. Cassidy to discus Rose's school status, and Megan soon clashes again with Sage who still feels that popularly and wealth is more important than school grades. Also, Megan begins taking surfing lessons from Charlie as part of her writers inspiration, while she continues to grow jealous when she finds out that Lily is dating Will, and realizes that no matter how much she tries to make amends meet to her estranged sister, Lily will always hold a grudge against Megan... no matter what.

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