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Episode #1.4


In response to Esther's investigations in Liverpool her sister Martha arrives at the mill. Timperley tells her Esther has run off but Tommy tells her the truth and she goes to see John Doherty. Samuel Greg dies at much the same time as the bill to shorten the working day is defeated. Robert gives the newly married Daniel a half share of the new loom's patent profits as a wedding present but Daniel sees it as a bribe and destroys the money. He and Susannah defy Robert by going to a Sunday meeting addressed by John. The workers are locked up to prevent their attendance but they escape and convince Hannah that Timperley was responsible for Catherine's death, after which she has him arrested. They carry on to the meeting, where Esther and Martha are reunited and Esther is given her birth certificate, revealing her true age. Rather than have John reveal his cruelty to Esther in a news pamphlet Robert agrees to let the workers join a union and to improve working conditions though the reduction of the working day is still some years in the future.

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