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The Goat Rodeo


Frank Agnew is in charge of the McCann case and he and his boss Lt. Dawson check out Brendan McCann's house. He refuses to let IAD Lt. Boyd into the premises. Det. Dani Khalil investigates the murder in the drug house. Bar owner Damon Callis and his men, who stole the cocaine, aren't quite sure what to do with it all. Joe Geddes stops in at the bar and tells them in no in certain terms that they are never to contact him. Callis and his crew look to open a party house. The medical examiner thinks McCann was unconscious when his car went into the river but Frank suggests a credible solution. When the ME also finds that the water in his lungs was chlorinated, it puts to rest any suggestion he drowned in the river. The police get a positive DNA match on the headless victim: it's Anton Bobek, Lt. Boyd's informant in the McCann case. Joe Geddes now becomes the focus of IAD's investigation.

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