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Red Sky in the Morning
44 min


Asian student Marley Sparrow's bloody murder in theatrical Red John style is posted on the Internet before the corps is found, by water like 'medium' Kristina Frye predicted. Jane objects to her being involved and claims it's a copy-cat. Marley was going steady with a man she described to her friends, who never saw him, as cop Grady Shipp. Jane remembers that's the name of an executed cannibalistic serial killer who was in Lompoc jail with Orval Tanner, a friend of Red John. After Kristina makes a TV appeal for Red John to seek help, Jane gets CBI to protect her full-time. "Shipp's" address proves the layer of a camera-obsessed young man. Marley's professor supervising the film club also taught a class mentioning red John the previous semester. The only other student involved in both like Marley, acting talent Wesley Blankfein, went missing. At lake Tahoe, Jaqueline Sandoval, who interviewed Frye, is killed also in Red John style, this time convincing Patrick. Kristina disappears on Van Pelt's watch. Patrick works his deductive magic from a single photograph, only to land in a three way-trap.

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