Sottotitoli JAG - Avvocati in divisa, Stagione 1 - Episodio 13

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Defensive Action


During a routine patrol of a no-fly zone an F-14 Tomcat experiences a catastrophic malfunction; the crew ejects, and the bird explodes moments later. A Serb chopper strafes the pilot and the RIO, helpless, while they descend below their parachutes; Capt. Boone, the CAG, engages the helo and destroys it. The RIO dies. Harm and Meg investigate aboard USS Seahawk (CVN-65) in the Adriatic Sea. Higher authority orders the CAG to face a general court-martial in Naples; Harm and Meg defend him. Harm also takes part in a mission to rescue the pilot. The trial ends, then Harm and the pilot return with evidence in hand. The prosecutor learns about carrier flight operations. Harm gets a promotion to lieutenant commander.

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jag stag1 episodio 13