Sottotitoli The Dead Zone, Stagione 5 - Episodio 4

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Articles of Faith
USA, Canada
40 min


William Cotton, a new Faith Heritage minister with political ambitions who preaches of tolerance, and his son Darryl are new residents of Cleaves Mills. Darryl is a former member of the Seattle Korps, a white supremacist youth organization with online connections. When a young Muslim boy is killed in an apparent hate crime, Johnny picks up visions of Darryl committing an assault with a baseball bat, which is consistent with the victim's wounds. While Walt and the sheriff's office follows the lead, a visiting former love interest of Johnny's, reporter Dana Bright, now working for a major newspaper in Boston, and Josh Blake, editor of the Faith Heritage student paper, reveal that Reverend Cotton was formerly the leader of a neo-nazi organization. While Cotton tries to spin his past, Darryl confesses to the murder in exchange for a racially charged television appearance. Johnny and Bruce begins to have doubts, and discover that the murder of the Muslim boy was the result of a whole different kind of intolerance.

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