Sottotitoli Hex, Stagione 1 - Episodio 4

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Cassie enjoys a snooker/pool night with gentle Troy and forbids Thelma to appear again in private contexts, but gets crucial news: Cassie's school bills are paid by a J. MacBain, she must be a descendant of Rachel's dynasty of Medenham witches. Cassie's ma assures her only Azazeal's visions forced her to sent Cassie to the school, and implores her not to resist him in vain. Thelma insists horrible history is repeating itself in Cassie. After Cassie manages to reassure Troy, who was drifting back to Gemma, she still wants him, Azazeal puts his blood on a worm which enters Troy's body trough the ear, and makes her mother give Cassie a 'protective heirloom' pendant which she may never take off, ironically Thelma 'reminds' her to do so. Troy now becomes aggressively protective of Cassie; Thelma concludes from his bloody eyes he's possessed but is disbelieved and called jealous and unwanted, then discovers that very pendant on an estate painting of Rachel, but is too late to warn Cassie, who has already mated Troy, who thus passed on the bloody eyes.

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