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The Release


Cassie has morning sickness. Thelma and equally dead egyptologist Peggy Launceston believe their very presence -friskily enjoyed together- is virtual proof the natural order is perverted, plausibly just as earlier by Pharaonic Akhnaton's daughter Hazrath and priest Azazil, this time by Cassie and (the same?) Azazeal, who tells Cassie to think of their son's grand heritage and seduces her teacher Jo Watkins, as Ian, probably arranging to be seen by Cassie although he later denies knowing who Jo is. Cassie tells Troy, who came to make up, he's not her baby's father and schedules an abortion. Peggy concludes from the hieroglyphs not Herath's death but the birth of her child decided over the release of the 200 nephilim-demons. When Cassie gets doubts after a visit from Azazeal, Thelma tells her grim theory. In the Christmas night mass attended by her doctor, Azazeal gives his version of Mary's illegitimate childbirth and the inexcusable sin of infanticide. Cassie wakes up no longer pregnant; she ignores the infant is in neonatal care...

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