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After the Berlin club orgy, Malachi dismisses Mephistopheles's warning sparing Ella will have consequences, while she is dumped by loyal lover Leon, who is too nice to make a scene but too badly hurt to forgive her infidelity and concludes they're mismatched anyhow, so the ordained opponents go steady. Once Thelma gets trough to Maya, the pair pledges lesbian loyalty 'till life does us part', but soon she spots a tattoo on Maya's neck, which Malachi answers signifies (property of) Malachi. Soon first Ella, then Malachi, experience what Raphael viz. Mephistopheles explain to be the punishment for disobeying their fate, only to be undone if they resume their destined battle: she breaks out in boils, he goes blind. Yet they persist, although the symptoms grow worse, only she hides, Malachi seeks her after spotting on ear a passage to her subterranean dwelling but gets lost, and promises to help Thelma by erasing the mark which scares off Maya if she guides him to Thelma, but what about the consequences? Leon is shown the way by Raphael, but revolted by the unexpected pestilent sight, and by the time he braves himself to return sees literally blind love...

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