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With a Little Help from My Friends: Part 2


Board chairman Sir Ralph Cavendish assures Jez he won their trust since he took over as headmaster. Seeing even even 'nurse' Leon Taylor's angelic patience with Ella Dee is running low, undead Thelma convinces Ella to reveal her slayer-identity to him- after she tries to make him leave instead in vain, actually another living nightmare for him in itself. When it becomes clear Ella's condition is 500 years of aging catching up now her magical powers have been broken, she insists to try what her Pharaonic father did once: go trough the valley of death. Leon now must beg Max to help him find a safe hospital facility. Meanwhile Azazeal worries about now adolescent son Malachi's healthy lust luring him to danger near Ella, so Perie the Faerie gets a lusty home assignment. After Roxanne learns Leon's whereabouts from his roommate Tom and betrays him to Jez, the covert nephilim (fallen angel) Remiel intrudes Max's flat to enjoy her torturous death, but she manages to stab him in the neck and escapes; Leon has to get her back and to safety elsewhere and promise furious Max eternal gratitude, but unamused Azazeal has Max captured and tortured till he reveals enough info to send the murderous fairy for a fight to the death, but whose?

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