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Ella Burns
105 min


Leon Tyler's boxer shorts-exposure tied to a tree at night by Ella's doing is turned into the whole school's laughing-stock by mobile phone compliments of arrogant flirter Roxanne. Yet sweet, noble virgin Leon refuses to dob on her. Priest-teacher-counselor Jez -in fact nephilim Remiel, in league with Azazeal- gets Ella on pills now they have stolen back the Stone thanks to now desperately guilt-consumed undead airhead Thelma who exchanged it for a meeting with Cassie, so Jez can report Ella to the headmaster, who calls in Dr. Gilbert who in turn refers to psychiatric therapist Dr. Wilkinson, as going mad now she's constantly exposed to the torturous memory reliving her worst day ever, when she was accused, tortured, tried and sent to the stake as the Meadenham witch, several main players in the witchfinder's court being reincarnated centuries later in today's boarding school...

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Hex - 2x04 - Ella